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Proxy Prop Consulting is aimed at the body corporate that needs a reliable, knowledgeable chairperson to step up & treat their home & investment the way she treats her own. This is who I am and how it started:

About Me: Text

My name is Krysia Narramore and I am an experienced body corporate trustee and chairwoman with a proven track record. I am a passionate "fixer" and have taken on some very challenging schemes in recent years. These have included buildings that had no working lights, poor waterproofing and non-functioning boards of trustees. I take great pride being as hands on at the coal face as I am in the board room. I am Working at Heights certified and never afraid to get my hands dirty to ensure the job is completed to my high standards. When I'm not behind my computer delving deep into legislation, I can often be found on roofs or inside plumbing & electrical stacks with a personal team of brilliant, independent contractors. I never recommend anyone I haven't personally used and vetted. The result of this ethos has resulted in a network of highly skilled service providers who are willing to go as above and beyond for my body corporates as I am.

This is my story:

In 2014 I took the leap and bought my first apartment in a large mixed use scheme of 188 units. I quickly realised that I would need to immerse myself into the complex world of sectional title if I wanted my property to thrive. What started as an effort to join the body corporate to help ensure that the exterior of the building was consistent with my beautiful home, swiftly turned into a passion. Even though it can be a thankless job, I found myself putting more and more time into understanding what my role and responsibilities as a trustee really were. I undertook as many projects as I could to significantly improve my scheme, and fully immersed myself into understanding the day to day running of what my building needed to keep improving. As my love for sectional title has grown, I continue to use my skills and experience to enable other home owners and investors to do the same.


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